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Uganda Lies About Torturing Rwandans As Tensions Escalate

Uganda cannot find explanations for its ongoing behaviour against Rwandans and its officials are instead coming out with outright lies and fabrications to divert increasing pressure.

Dozens of innocent Rwandans have been tortured, subjected to all sorts of harassment while detained incommunicado in illegal detention centres run by security organs.

Many others have been beaten up and dumped at the border to let them lot back home in Rwanda.

Uganda’s government Publicist, Ofwono Opondo, lied earlier on Friday morning that, “There’s no witch hunt for Rwandese in Uganda.”

He continued lying that there is “nobody from Rwanda being held by the Ugandan authorities for any reason.” “We would like to send a clear message to Rwanda that there’s no one Uganda is harassing from Rwanda or has in custody.”

While Ofwono told then lies on cameras, different officials have previously admitted cases of arrest and detention, but cited different reasons, one of them being that some of the Rwandans kidnapped had been suspected of spying for Rwanda, of which Uganda has failed to substantiate.

Ofwono’s fabrications today come just a day after Ugandan authorities cut off a fibre optic node that serves Rwanda with internet, following speculations that Rwanda had blocked entry of trucks ferrying goods to Rwanda from Uganda.

Due to lack of justification and the embarrassment caused by the closure of the internet Uganda was immediately forced to restore the internet.

The Rwanda Revenue Authority wrote a letter to Uganda Revenue Authority informing them of plans to divert heavy trucks from Uganda away from Gatuna border to Kagitumba border due to construction activities (See letter below).

Trucks which were already at Gatuna had to make another journey to return back to Uganda, via Ntungamo district, on to Kagitumba and then to Kigali, but they were not denied entry into Rwanda as claimed by Uganda.

Ofwono’s lies have not been received well by the public, and the Rwandan government as well.

Rwanda’s Minister of State in charge of the East African Community, Olivier Nduhungirehe, responded to Ofwono’s statements saying that his statements were “factually and demonstrably incorrect.”

“There are more than 40 Rwandan citizens languishing in cells of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and more than 800 Rwandans who were deported from or refused entry to Uganda since January 2018,” Nduhungirehe said.

Meanwhile, just like the others who were victims of harassment in Uganda, all innocent Rwandans have been subjected to all sorts of torture while detained incommunicado in CMI illegal detention centres

Ugandan authorities have never tried them for any crimes nor have they made a statement to the authorities.

They have denied them consular access as is standard diplomatic procedure and have consistently ignored Rwanda’s call to have its citizens released.

Below is the list:

Rwanda has said that Uganda is criminalizing Rwandans walking and working in Uganda.

Nduhungirehe said that only activities allowed for Rwandans in Uganda seemed to be plotting against their country, denouncing fellow Rwandans and training forces for the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), and P5, a coalition of Rwandan opposition political organizations linked to Rwanda’s former military chief, Kayumba Nyamwasa, whose has openly declared intentions to distblise Rwanda and wage an armed struggle to topple the current government.

The UN Security Council in December said P5 had started recruiting combatants in South Kivu with local and external support from Burundi, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.‏

Uganda has not denied supporting Rwanda’s enemies.

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