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Rwanda Advises Citizens Not To Travel To Uganda

Rwandan citizens have been advised to cancel their planned trips to neighboring Uganda due to ill treatment by Ugandan security organs.

Ongoing tensions between the two countries are escalating at a worrying rate, with officials from both sides uttering strong statements.

Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Richard Sezibera said on Friday afternoon that Rwandans should avoid traveling to Uganda.

He said on Twitter that, “Rwandans are strongly advised NOT to travel to Uganda due to ongoing arrests, harassment, torture, Rwandans are strongly advised NOT to travel to Uganda due to ongoing arrests, harassment and, torture.”

He however said that despite the ill treatment of Rwandans that has resulted into an unprecedented move explained to many journalists, “all Rwanda’s borders are open.”

He added that trucks and heavy vehicles are advised to use Kagitumba due to ongoing construction at Gatuna, after Ugandan authorities announced fabricated stories that Rwanda had blocked trucks from Uganda.

Minister Sezibera reiterated that Uganda has been incarcerating dozens of Rwandans without consular access, and deportation.

“This is for their own security. Ugandans in Rwanda or travelling through Rwanda are safe,” he said.

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