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Sudan Denies Presence Of 300 Bodies At Hospital Morgue

Sudan’s Khartoum State’s Health Authorities on Monday denied the presence of 300 bodies in a morgue of a hospital in the capital. 

“The news on social media about the existence of 300 bodies of unidentified people at the morgue of the Academy Hospital in Khartoum is baseless,” Khartoum State’s Health Ministry said in a statement Monday.

 “The capacity of the hospital’s morgue is only 26,” it noted, warning that circulating such rumors without verifying them aimed to spark panic.  

It reiterated that the morgues of the state are free of any bodies. 

Some activists said on social media that 300 bodies of unidentified people were present in the morgue of the academy hospital in Khartoum, claiming that the bodies belonged to victims of the popular protests in Sudan.  

Since December last year, various areas in Sudan, including Khartoum, have been witnessing popular protests over the deteriorating economic conditions and price hikes of basic commodities. 

According to government statistics, 31 people have been killed during the popular protests.  

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