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Police Seized Smuggled Goods

MThe Revenue Protection Unit (RPU) seized an assortment of merchandise in Burera District that were being smuggled into Rwanda.

The goods include soft and alcoholic drinks, matchboxes and secondhand clothes, according to RPU.

RPU is a Rwanda National Police arm attached to Rwanda Revenue Authority  (RRA) to fight smuggling and fraud, and other dubious business practices aimed at evading taxes. 

According to the Northern region Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Alex Rugigana, the goods whose owners had evaded taxes, were impounded during an operation conducted on February 3, in Gahunga Sector, Rwasa Cell in Mutara Village.

“We thank the public, who continue to fight such fraudulent businesses by reporting those involved and routes they use,” CIP Rugigana said.

He advised traders to go through legal procedures of importing goods instead of drawing themselves into loses.

Seized smuggled goods are auctioned.

A kilogram of used clothes and shoes pays $4 in taxes

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