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Why Don’t You Live A Happy Life?

There are things in this world that disturb human life!

Well, according to the way I see it!!

I like observing how people’s feelings change and how different people react to situations, then I spend much of my time contemplating what I think about what I am seeing!

I believe that the way you live your life is based on your brain.

A situation is a situation, be it good or bad, I think what matters the most is the way you choose to react to it!

Why are there things or situations or occasions that are generally believed to be given the same reactions and same feelings?

Why can’t someone choose how to feel about these things and stop thinking that they should feel some general way about them?!

Specifically, examples of what am talking about: weekends, birthdays or holidays, to mention but a few.

Why do you we have to believe that weekends are for having fun and if you don’t you think your life is messed up!

Why do we have to mind so much about what is going on around us on our birthdays and if something, whatever it it is, goes wrong we think we had a bad day or bad luck?

Why do we believe that holidays are for being with families and friends or having extreme fun?

Are they not normal days like any other day?

These are some of many examples of things that are believed to be felt generally by people regardless of the fact that people are not the same, they live different lives and they do not feel the same way about things!

Well, hardly thought about, these things happen all the time and it is sad but it does not look like it can be easily changed!

Think about it, if you were fired from your job on a normal day and if you were fired from the same job on your birthday, would you feel the same way about it?

I am positive you would not!!

If it happened on a normal day you would be hurt but if it happened on your birthday I bet you would be almost depressed!!

But why?

These are the same situations placed in front of you and if they both happened on a day with the same hours, same weather, same situations literally a normal day! But what happens is that you chose to think differently about them! It all happens in your brain, me think so!

Consider this. You live maybe three to four months without visiting or being with your family but only on holidays like Christmas or New Years Eve, you feel bad and all sad because you are home by yourself, yet they were the same days only that they are being affected by the fact that we have a myth that holidays are meant for those occasions.

Yes, it is good to practice this, but you do not have to feel bad about your life, you do not have to feel like you are not loved, you do not even have to feel like there is anything wrong with your life.

You get depressed by being affected about things that went wrong or disappointments you had at the beginning of the year.

You are starting to wonder how the rest of that year is going to look like simply because you are using an “I have started this year badly!”

Forget, it was a day like any other, things did not work out just the same way they do.

It is not even the first time you got disappointed!

It is all in your head because you are choosing to call it “a bad start of the year.”

Learn how to live your life not based on generalities of the world, it is your life not the world’s life and the way you feel everyday can only be created by you!

It is very important to think about you.

The moral of the story is: you don’t get to compare your life to anybody else’s, you don’t have to let what happens in other people’s lives affect your life, you can not let something that went the way you did not plan or expect, make you feel sad about life.

Don’t get depressed because of a negative occasion in your life. You don’t need to hurt yourself in any way!

Develop a thick skin.

Let your life be created by you, make happy days using your brain, do not be pressured by the way society sees or reacts towards things, let your brain create your happy memories and understand this truth: everything happens the way you choose to think and react about it!

Positivity matters!

That is my opinion. Who knows, maybe I am wrong.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I hope it helps someone in this year.

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