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Prime Minister Breaks Down Achievements Of 2017 Umushyikirano Resolutions

Not everything is as bad. Modest achievements have been registered, going by the report presented by the Prime Minister Dr. Édouard Ngirente.

The Premier broke down progrss made on the items agreed upon during last year’s Umushyikirano.

He said about 80% of the targets were achieved, and explained why the rest were not achieved.

Outputs achieved (excellent achievement)

The Prime Minister said that 44 outputs were fully achieved (rated in green) and listed some of the key outputs achieved.

Single shift program was fully implemented in all public and government aided schools in P5 & P6; then 922 new classrooms and 1,344 latrines were constructed;  and 62,616 teachers were trained on Competence Based Curriculum (CBC).

He also said that the new school calendar was developed and discussed with key stakeholders while a total of 409 Medical Doctors have been supported for specialization.

Interestingly, 91.9% of health facilities are managing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). The target was to have 90% of health facilities (Hospitals & Health Centers) managing NCDs.

In fighting trafficking of illicit drugs, the Penal Code was revised to increase penalties for trafficking of illicit drugs; o In improvement of access to energy.

In improvement of access to energy, a total of 138,290 (119.4%) new households were connected against annual target of 115,979 households while 417 new productive use areas were connected to electricity against the annual target of 234. He said there was an achievement 178.1%.

This was followed by 218 MW connected to the National Grid against an annual target of 212.96MW (an achievement of 102.3%).

 Outputs on-watch

The premier said that 10 outputs are on-watch (rated in Yellow). The key ones among them are the followings: o 286 smart classrooms have been established in 168 secondary schools. Those schools have been connected to 4G LTE internet, received projectors, but the digital content is not yet installed.

There is also the construction of Gatonde hospital is at 58% against a target of 80% and Gatunda hospital is at 50.2% while the target was 70%. o 61,546 new households (HHs) were connected to off-grid against an annual target of 97,142 HHs, equivalent to 63.4%.

Output off-track

According to the Prime Minister, the only off-track output (rated in Red) is about Renovation works for four TVET schools (Rushashi, Nyagahanga, Nyundo and Nyarushishi) which have not yet started due to procurement issues.

Details for each out put can be accessed in the document below

Report on implementation of 15th NUC

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