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Four Gunmen Shot Dead In Northern Province

A group of armed men to be yet identified attacked Busasamana Sector in Rubavu District and wounded one resident yesterday.

The Rwanda army in the area reacted by firing at the them and killed four.

Busasamana Sector executive secretary, Epimaque Uwimana was reported saying that the attackers have not been identified, and that the resident who was wounded by a stray bullet at home was taken to Bugeshi health center.

Local authorities summoned a security meeting on the scene of the attack, and residents were shown the bodies of the four attackers who were shot dead to see if they could identify any.

They had documents that indicate that they are RDC citizens with voters cards.

Bugeshi and Busasamana sectors border the DRC.

They are often targeted by armed attacks from the DRC jungles.

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