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Managers Of Local Companies Undergo Training On Global Market Dynamics

Nineteen manufacturing companies are attending a crush course on business management that will equip them with skills to expand their market reach.

On the menu, they will go through trends in globalised markets and digitised societies with experience in EAC, EU and Germany in particular.

They will also learn more about international business development and defining regional and international markets and how to tap into them.

The workshop is organised by the Private Sector Federation (PSF) together with the Ministry of Trade assisted by GIZ.

Martin Ngirabatware is the head of Trade Negotiations and Facilitation at PSF.

He said the event brought together Rwandan and Burundian SMEs who were selected to attend the session with intent to offer them tailored tools that will impact their businesses.

The team is being facilitated by Eckhard Heine, the Program Manager: Creating Perspectives; Business for Development in East Africa, at GIZ.

He told Taarifa that the desired outcome of the exercise is galvanizing everyone and ensure that at the end of the event, or at a sooner stage, they can be fit to trade with Germany companies and other global markets.

Dr. Ruth Schüler, from the German Economic Institute, a ThinkTank that helps in lobbying economic interests, is also facilitating the training session at the workshop.

She said that her expectation is that participants will be able to have technical skills in assessing their businesses and set them up for matching and partnerships.

Desire Nzayisenga runs a Soya Bean Processing plant from Muhanga district. He attended the workshop and is expecting to leave with a good set of business skills to improve his managerial abilities and connections with other players.

Participants networking and sharing experiences

He also expects to take home skills in ability to develop his company profile and a good website to present his company to the public.

Participants were also joined by the head of the manufacturers chamber at PSF, Claudine Mukeshimana. She believes members of the association need support to move to the next step.

“We need to have the right tools to compete globally, we need managerial abilities to help us run our factories to a global standard,” she said.

Notably, she said, members of the association are trying to seek the right and ideas and skillsets to create a network and infrastructure that links everyone to the other.

“This well help us create the right tools, such as a web portal that contains all the necessary market information to help someone to make informed decisions,” she said.

During the workshop, participants will share experiences and best practices.

This program is meant for the whole EAC region and more events are expected to take place.

The whole idea is under the backdrop of create an industrialised region as a pathway for sustainable development.

GIZ is a partner in the project.


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