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Rwanda And Russia Sign Deal To Set Up Nuclear Energy Station In Rwanda


Rwanda And Russia Sign Deal To Set Up Nuclear Energy Station In Rwanda

Rwanda and Russia have signed a co-operation agreement aimed at the construction of a Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) and of a Nuclear Power Plant in Rwanda for peaceful use.

The agreement will lay the foundation for active dialogue between the two countries in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy and will allow for practical implementation of particular projects.


The research to be undertaken by the institute is aimed at finding solutions towards development and construction of the nuclear power station in Rwanda.

The nuclear power will be used in civil applications for medical purposes such as the treatment of cancerous diseases through radiotherapy.

It is also used in generating electricity, in agriculture as well as in mining.

Amb. Gatete said that Rwanda is making positive steps in promoting health, agriculture and mining without forgetting environment protection.

He said that the agreement will help the country to scale up the knowledge of those working in the sectors, particularly through sending students to study the use of nuclear power in disease treatment, developing agriculture and increasing energy used in the country.

Minister Gatete said that the activities that give Rwanda knowledge on the use of nuclear energy have begun, and Rwandan students have gone to Russia to learn nuclear energy functioning and structure.

He also said that Rwanda will continue to send more students who will be given the opportunity to train in ROSATOM.

Aleksey Likhachev said: “We are happy to share our more than 70 years’ expertise in the field of peaceful use of nuclear technologies with our Rwandan partners. We hope that our cooperation in that area will contribute to the economic growth and improve the quality of life of the Rwandan population”.

He said that they believe that the cooperation will enhance the economy of Rwanda and promote the quality of the lives of Rwandans.

The Intergovernmental agreement was signed following the memorandum of understanding in the area of cooperation in peaceful uses of nuclear energy signed between ROSATOM and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Rwanda on June 22, 2018 in Moscow.

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