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Five Houses To Be Demolished To Secure Bodies Of Genocide Victims

Five houses located in Gahoromani, Rusororo Sector, Gasabo District, are going to be demolished to pave way for exhumation of bodies buried there during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.

In April 2018, in Rusororo and Masaka sectors, more than 37,000 bodies of Tutsis killed in the genocide were found in different pits.

Reports say five more houses are believed to have been built on pits where Tutsis bodies were thrown.

Authorities say those houses are going to be demolished.

However, Rusororo Sector executive secretary, Alfred Nduwayenzu Alfred, is reportedly quoted saying that owners will be compensated.

One house is in Kariyeri, four others are in Gahoromani, all villages in Rusororo.

Demolition takes places this December.

Survivors in this area say that they are deeply disturbed that there are more people who have declined to give information about other locations where the bodies were thrown so that they receive decent burial.

Emmanuel Nduwayezu, representing Ibuka in Rusororo Sector, requested residents who know where the bodies were thrown to report those locations.

“We constantly encourage them to provide information because it is not a problem. I believe that when someone thinks about how they know a pit where bodies were thrown, they are also not settled in their heart,” he said.

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