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Residents Demand For Water, Electricity And Revision Of Ubudehe


Residents Demand For Water, Electricity And Revision Of Ubudehe

Residents of different Kirehe District demand that more efforts be undertaken to provide infrastructure such as water and electricity.

There are also those who request that ubudehe categories be revised because some of them were put under the categories they do not qualify for.

This program was launched in the resident’s assemblies, held on every Tuesday of the week, during the second week of 2018.

It is also part of the government’s plan to implement community-based budget, whereby activities and their budgets are planned based on urgent needs of the people.

Emmanuel Nzabanita of Nyarutunga Cell, in Nyarubuye Sector, says that they are looking for electricity which he says neighboring areas have, but they don’t in Burembo.

“We do not have electricity in Birembo Centre, while there is some in Nyarubuye. What we ask for is that they bring these infrastructure close to us. If they do, then we will development fast like others,” he says.

Another resident, Muhamed Hakizimana, said: “We also need development, and we cannot achieve development without access to electricity. People still use paraffin lamps for lighting…”

Jean Baptiste Dusengimana asked a solution for the water crisis in the area.

He said: “My wish is that you may help us get clean water in Rugarama Cell, Kigina Sector, because the residents have no water.”

Seraphine Mukashyaka says that they have a problem with the fact that most of them were put in the third ubudehe category while they are not able to pay for health insurance.

“My household should not be in the third category. We even tried to request that they change. The papers we wrote remained at the sector,” she said.

Kirehe District Mayor, Gerald Muzungu, said that approaching residents and receiving their ideas about what they wish to be done in the budget is primarily aimed at enhancing the citizen-based planning.

“Plans and activities that are organized to promote the development of the district should not be regarded as if they are for the mayor and the executive secretary. It is a country-wide program that requires citizen participation. Second and foremost, we are collecting ideas. Good governance offers citizens space and time to show us where it is not going well, what they want to be done for them; so that we know where we should improve,” he said.

The wishes provided by citizens are being written down and will be considered later. What can be done based on the available budget will soon be done; other things will be done as soon as means are available.


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