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Algerian Authorities Block Humanitarian Convoy To Tindouf Camps


Algerian Authorities Block Humanitarian Convoy To Tindouf Camps

A Spanish humanitarian convoy composed of three ambulances and six vehicles transporting nearly 30 tons of food and pharmaceuticals for the inhabitants of the Tindouf camps, in Southern Algeria, has been blocked by Algerian authorities, Moroccan media reported.

The news article published recently said the convoy has been blocked since October 17, 2018, at the port of Oran, located in the west of the country.

“Volunteers accompanying the caravan have been stopped from leaving the port, by the security services that require the production of a special exemption signed by the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in person,” it said, quoting youth Saharawi sources.

The interception of the actors working for Spanish associations, led by the director of “Podemos” political party in Madrid, reportedly occurred after the volunteers insisted that they wanted to accompany the humanitarian aid to Tindouf camps and assist in its distribution instead of handing it to leaders of the Algerian red crescent and the “polisario” at the port of Oran.

The organizers of the caravan appealed to young Saharawi to urge them to act to put an end to what they called “their secret detention” in the port of Oran, it said. 

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