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Russian Car Makers Plan To Enter African Market Through Rwanda


Russian Car Makers Plan To Enter African Market Through Rwanda

Russian methane fueled car makers have expressed interest in entering African market through Rwanda.

The interest is driven by the fact that Rwanda is one of the countries that own the natural resource in Lake Kivu.

The country has already started tapping it.

IPS (Integrated Project Solutions), has shown Rwanda’s Ambassador to Russia, Dr Jeanne Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, that they can offer quality buses they believe may solve public transport bottlenecks.

The samples of the buses are of Vihr (Вихрь) brand.

They have 24 seats. Their interior is capable of accommodating 57 more standing people, and one seat for a wheelchair user.

The buses have shock absorbers which enable them lay low to allow  people with disabilities to board easily.

It also has a store for gas which enables it to contain about 1300 liters and can allow the bus travel between 450-520km.

They are also capable of travelling on mountains.

The manufacturers already researched on Rwanda’s road structure and proved that the buses can fit in the country’s roads and similar terrains.

Usually, the buses are used in some parts of Russia and are unique for not emitting air polluting fumes, like the ones that use petroleum gas.

When the automobiles enter the Rwandan market, the manufacturers will have to build methane gas stations to fuel the newly introduced autos.

The stations are expected to be built in Rusizi and Rubavu districts plus the City of Kigali based on the length of the road connecting the three cities.

Ambassador Mujawamariya expressed interest in the structure and technical descriptions of the automobiles, especially the value that was given to those who travel in them taking people with disabilities into consideration which is in line with Rwanda’s endeavor to care for and protect people with disabilities.

Rwanda ranks first in fighting air polluting smokes, protecting its inhabitants from air pollution-related diseases, and preserving the environment.

If private individuals adopt using methane in conveying people and goods, it may be a combined solution in fighting the propagation of air polluting gas and may constitute a solution to public transport, especially in the City of Kigali.

If they make it into Rwanda, the automobiles will add on to electricity fueled bicycles instead of petroleum that have been tested in the country.

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