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Association Of Private Energy Companies In Rwanda (EPD) Appoints First CEO


Association Of Private Energy Companies In Rwanda (EPD) Appoints First CEO

The Association of private companies operating in the energy sector in Rwanda, Energy Private Developers (EPD), a registered professional association has appointed Sanday Kabarebe as its first CEO since its establishment in 2014.

As a new CEO, Kabarebe will be running all programs of EPD and implementing its new strategic plan while working closely with the board to craft a strategic pathway of the organization.

He comes with vast knowledge, skills and experience in the energy sector and business value creation in Rwanda.

H joined EPD in 2016 as project manager of Shell Foundation partnership, where he participates greatly in the off-grid policy formation, building traction with various stakeholders affiliated with the sector and advocacy of the energy sector.

This has resulted into him gaining more experience in the sector and management of the association.

From 2011 to 2014, he served as a senior officer in Rwanda Development Board (RDB) as an Asset and Business Management Senior Officer. Kabarebe also was in charge of the privatization and Monitoring and Evaluation unit for government assets where he gained experience in business and corporate value management practices.

He holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management in California, USA and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, USA and Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Hannibal La Grange College.

The association expects him to play a vital role in realizing its vision of universal energy access to all homes in Rwanda and he believes that, achieving such target in Rwanda requires a viable, vibrant and innovative private sector.

EPD is one of the five associations that make the Chamber of Industry under the Private Sector Federation (PSF) of Rwanda.

EPD focuses on advocacy of its members, encouraging collaboration and partnership for development of the energy sector in Rwanda.

The statutes and articles of Energy Private Developers’ association have been published in the Official Gazette of Rwanda, No 41 of 13/10/2014.

As an independent professional association, EPD coordinates constructive dialogue between the public and private Rwandan renewable energy sectors.

By sharing information and advocating for a positive working environment for the private sector, they are supporting the Rwanda’s government Electrification Goal of bringing 100% electrification by 2024.

EPD works with different stakeholders such as; The Private sector Federation of Rwanda “PSF”, Government of Rwanda “Ministry of Infrastructure”, “Rwanda Development Board” and “Rwanda Energy Group (REG/EDCL)”, International Development agencies such as Power Africa, DFID, EnDEV, GIZ, and more.

All the above work together to address critical issues in Energy sector and pave a way forward through which the sector can grow and thrive.

EPD has a membership of more than 100 private enterprises in multiple energy sectors including solar, hydro, LPG gas, biomass, biogas, methane gas and more.

EPD has partners like, Shell Foundation and BFZ who support them by financing their programs revolving around advocating for the energy sector.

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