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VIDEO: Kagame Launches New Judicial Year, Says Rule Of Law Key To Prosperity

President Kagame has said the prosperity the country aspires to achieve must be founded on respecting the law and commended the judiciary for their contribution to the progress Rwanda has made.

He said it is impossible for Rwanda to achieve its targets with no adequate justice delivery and the respect to law.

Kagame made the remarks as he presided over the official opening of the 2018/19 Judicial Year at Parliament.

The opening of the judicial year 2016/17 attracted about 60 members of the Rwanda judiciary including judges, prosecutors, lawyers, court registrars, authorities in public institutions and diplomats representing their countries in Rwanda.

“The prosperity we all want must be founded on respecting the law. Our judiciary has an important role to play in ensuring every institution fulfills their role and when necessary to remind them of their responsibilities,” Kagame said.

The President reminded the judiciary that their role is to ensure that there is accountability and respect of the laws, which is key to the country’s development and safety of its citizens.

“Rwandan citizens have high ambitions and goals they are determined to achieve, and they need all of our institutions to fulfill their responsibilities,” Kagame explained.

“Rwandans want a nation open to the world, where every citizen feels safe and is able to feed and save for their families and enjoy fruits of their hard work in a country where accountability is key,” he said.

Kagame further lauded the judiciary for its contribution to the progress the country has attained.

Being the country with the highest number of women parliamentarians in the world, Kagame said that the inclusion of women in high decision making positions should serve to decrease gender based crimes that were highlighted among the predominant cases in Rwanda’s judiciary.

However, he asked men to play the equal role with women in fighting these crimes and upholding women rights.

Kagame said, “A higher number of women in decision making roles has to lead to a decrease in gender discrimination and gender based crimes. This is not an exemption for men not to be involved. But you must play an important role in upholding the rights of women.”

On corruption, Kagame said it is a particular crime. “The fight against corruption should never end. You will hear people say ‘corruption is little and it has reduced. Corruption level is not so low that it should be tolerated. In all our possible means, we should always keep fighting corruption.”

In the last judicial year, Rwandan courts received 63,360 cases. Rwanda has also instituted the Appeal Court which has reduced the time it took for the Supreme Court to receive and judge the cases from 30 to seven months.

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