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Fighting Poverty: 73 Vulnerable Families Given Cows


Fighting Poverty: 73 Vulnerable Families Given Cows

Seventy three vulnerable families from Ndego and Kabarondo sectors belonging to the first and second Ubudehe categories were Friday bestowed pregnant cows in a bid to enable them to uplift themselves from poverty and combat malnutrition.

Those cows were given through Rwanda Dairy development project under Rwanda Agricultural Board which continues its support on Girinka Program.

Olive Yamfashije, a resident from Kabarondo Sector who was given a pregnant cows said she is going to get rid of malnutrition-related diseases.

“From now on, there will be no more kwashiorkor in my house. This cow is going to give me manure and milk. You understand that I have already developed. I’m wondering how many people I would have to cultivate for in return for money to buy my own cow,” she said.

Pierre Buhirike, 58, a resident of Ndego Sector who was also given a cow said that this cow is a treasured contribution because he is going to drink milk in his old age.

“Usually, I would find milk to drink from neighbours. But for now, I am glad that I will be getting manure and my family will drink milk.”

Buhirike extended gratitude to the President of the Republic, because according to him, all good things are achieved thanks to political stability, security and peace.

Kayonza District mayor, Jean Claude Murenzi urged residents who were given the cows to take good care of them so that they constitute a foundation for self-promotion by feeding them with proper fodder in order to improve their milk productivity.

He also reminded them to give heifers to other fellow vulnerable residents.

It is projected that about 81 families will be given cows in this phase. The rest, will get their cows later.

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