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Diane Rwigara And Mother Granted Bail

Rwanda’s High Court has granted bail to Diane Rwigara and her mother Adeline Mukamugemanyi after a powerful panel of three judges challenged prosecution that it did not give “credible reasons” to have the duo detained during their trial.

Pronouncing itself on the bail decision, the High Court said Diane and her mother cannot leave Kigali without permission.

The court also added another condition that the duo will have to submit their travel documents to Prosecution.

Drama ensued in court as friends and relatives rushed to hug Diane and her mother. “God is Great” they shouted in unison.

The panel of judges adduced that previously Diane and her mother had been denied bail because it was believed they would tamper with preliminary investigations.

Court decided to set them free arguing that the investigations are complete and the suspects will not be tampering with anything – so they can always come to court from home.

Diane was last year arrested and charged with forgery and inciting insurrection during her bid to run for president.

She is also charged with evading taxes of nearly Rwf5 billion ($6 million).

Mukamugemanyi also faces another separate charge of divisionism and discrimination.


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