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Rwanda To Award Best Teachers On International Teachers’ Day

As Rwanda joins the rest of the world to celebrate the International Teachers’ Day 2018, on October 5, the Ministry of Education will award the best performing teachers countrywide.

The International Teachers’ Day 2018 will be celebrated in Rwanda and the rest of the world, with a theme: “A Professional and Competent Teacher is a Foundation to Quality Education.”

In this year’s celebration, best performing teachers; one at the national level, five at provincial level, and 30 at district level, 416 at sector level, and 3,800 at school level.

The awards have been selected in accordance with the UNESCO orientation: impacting teachers’ welfare, supporting them in their daily activities of teaching with the purpose of improving teaching and learning outcomes.

The 17th International Teachers’ Day in Rwanda will be celebrated at sector level countrywide.

There will be a National level celebration in Rwamagana District, which emerged the best performer in education services delivery according to the 2017 Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) Citizen Report Card (CRC).

Teachers from Rwamagana District, government officials, MINEDUC and affiliated agencies and other education stakeholders will be invited to celebrate the day.

International Teacher’s Day has been celebrated internationally since 1994, while Rwanda started the celebrations in 2002.

According to the Ministry of Education, MINEDUC, “Teachers’ role in the development of Rwanda is outstanding. Every individual that contributes to the impressive growth of Rwanda’s many sectors has first passed through the hands of a teacher.”

Rwanda has invested a lot in uplifting teachers’ welfare, such as the establishment of Umwalimu SACCO, the Special Statutes for Teachers determined by Law N° 24/01 of November 24, 2016, Continuous Professional Development programmes and recognition of the best performer during the celebration of International Teachers’ Day.

International Teachers’ Day is celebrated to give special recognition of teachers’ efforts to shape young people and to recognize their value in our children’s lives and their role in the development of our country and the world in general.

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