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The National-wide Talent Search Project Comes To Kigali This Weekend

Kigali will be witnessing something historical this weekend. The national-wide talent search project, ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi, is taking place at the Rwanda Art Museum, located in Kanombe.

Registration will be open on Saturday, from 12:00-16:00 and Sunday, from 07:00-11:00. Thousands of youth are expected to flock the venue to showcase their talent.

Over 700 youths from West and Southern Provinces have already showcased their talents through the ongoing country wide talent search initiative dubbed “ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi”.

On September 23, the competition was held in Huye District at Centre d’Accueil Mater Boni and Rusizi District at Rusizi Progress Hotel.

The competition had been held before, in Kayonza District in Eastern Province, Musanze District in Northern Province and Rubavu District in Western Province.

In Huye District, the panel of judges was comprised of Radio Presenter Sandrine Isheja Butera, Moses Twahirwa, Founder of Moshions Fashion Art House, Song writer and singer Danny Vumbi, Movie star and director Jones Kennedy Mazimpaka and artist Jean Marie Vianney Kabakera.

The judges had enough time to see and judge talents showcased by 395 talented young men and women, with a big prominence in music and arts.

The Huye session had brought together youths from Muhanga, Nyanza, Kamonyi and Huye Districts. Rwanda’s Sports and Culture Minister Julienne Uwacu turned up in Huye and had a small interview with Arthur Nkusi, one of the hosts of the show that will be aired on Rwanda Television.

Minister Uwacu urged the youths to take advantage of the competition and nurture their talents.

Rusizi District also hosted the contest and received talented youths from Karongi, Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts.

Fashion Icon Sonia Mugabo, singer Bruce Melodie, comedian Diogene ‘Atome’ Ntarindwa, singer Mani Martin and artist Jean de Dieu Kibibi were judges in Rusizi.

In Rusizi, 329 talented youths showcased their talents with a majority of the talents in Hip Hop and R&B Music. In Rusizi, a particularity came up when some showcased talents in singing but “Amashi” dialect usually spoken at Idjwi Island in Kivu Lake.

Judge Mani Martin, who was at his birthplace, said the talent search competition was an opportunity he never had.

“At least, young men and women have a platform helping them showcase their talents, which we never got. My talent was discovered while at school and I continued in the church. The artists we are looking for are those who feel they have talents not being their age. A talent can help an individual and his country develop,” Mani Martin said.

ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi was initiated by Rwanda’s Ministry of Sports and Culture, the Ministry of Youth and Imbuto Foundation.

The initiative seeks to discover youths talents and back them up until they help the talented get decent lives and jobs.

ArtRwanda- Ubuhanzi focuses on the youths aged between 18 and 35 who have talents in plastic arts, dance & music, fashion, acting & drama, cinematography & photography and literature.

Contestants register on the competition days from 7AM to 11AM.

The contestants are urged to consider if they will be able to contest in the following phases after the elementary phases.

The first phase of the competition will end in Kigali City at Kigali Serena Hotel on September 29-30, 2018.


More about the Project

The nationwide talent search initiative aims at identifying and supporting young and talented Rwandans within the creative arts industry.

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Sports and Culture in collaboration with Imbuto Foundation, the project named “ArtRwanda” highlights Rwanda’s advanced step in promoting talents among Rwandan youth and help them explore huge opportunities presented by the industry.

ArtRwanda consists of a televised nationwide search for creative youth in six different categories – plastic arts, dance and music, fashion, theatre drama, cinematography and photography and literature. It will be conducted in phases, starting with the road trips conducted countrywide through which about 120 contestants will be pre-selected. The criteria for the selection include time management, future goals, creativity and originality, presentation skills and knowledge depth.

30 overall successful artists, working into six groups per artistic categories, will develop projects that will be presented at the Youth Forum Series to be organised around the creative arts industry in Rwanda.  The forum will bring together youth and policy makers to discuss how to further strengthen the creative arts industry in Rwanda. During the forum, three best groups will be retained and will move on to the Grand Finale.

After the Grand Finale, a creative arts incubation centre will be established catering for the six categories in the ArtRwanda project; Plastic Arts, Music and Dance, Fashion, Acting and Drama, Cinematography and Photography, and Literature. This centre will provide essential materials and equipment to continue supporting the top artists in the creative art industry.

Rwanda’s efforts to promote talent and youth employment 

The government of Rwanda through the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) has embarked on developing talent for young Rwandans through capacity building. These range from Music, art, film production among other aspects.

The government has invested in a modern School of art and music to create professionals who will transform Rwanda’s music industry. Hundreds of Rwandan youth have joined the school and its graduates have demonstrated outstanding performance. Modules offered fall under vocal music, use of instruments (drums, piano, guitar, wind instruments, percussion and local instruments), music theory, production, entrepreneurship, languages, music history, among others.

Also the Government of Rwanda through the Workforce Development Authority in partnership withPixel Corps, a company based in California, established the Africa Digital Media Academy. This is a vocational training program – the first of its kind in Africa – that provides learners with the skills necessary to work in all areas of the digital media industry with the same degree of talent and resources as anywhere else in the world.  The center’s graduates have been shaping the booming design and film making industry in the country.

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