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Bob Mugabe’s Hearing Adjourned To October

Clad in a dark blue suit, Great Lakes Voice journalist and editor Robert Mugabe, walked into the Kagarama Primary courtroom at around 10:30am.

About two dozens of people waited to witness Mugabe’s initial hearing where he was expected to be read the charges against him.

He is accused of sexual abuse of a minor and attempted facilitation of an abortion.

He appeared with his co-accused Emmanuel Rurangwa and Adolphe Byambu Karegeya, the doctors accused of being connected to the provision of the medications that would be used for abort.

Mugabe was accompanied by his lawyer Me David Rugaza.

Journalists were prohibited from taking photos and videos.

Mugabe pleaded that he had not yet got enough time to talk to his lawyer and to read through his dossier.

“I would like to ask for time to meet my lawyer and prepare my file. I would also like to request you that you may summon me after I have formulated my file and allow me to meet my lawyer at any time.” Mugabe pleaded.

Me Rugaza emphasized what his client said that they did not have enough time to meet and requested that they be given enough time to prepare for the trial.

He said that he met his client at the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) after Mugabe was arrested.

He added that they just met in court.

The prosecution said that it is his right but the fact that Me Rugaza was his lawyer while he was read his charges at RIB, implies that he is aware of what he is accused of.

The prosecutor said that in questioning him, Mugabe came unaccompanied thrice.

The prosecutor asked him whether if given a chance next time, he will not have any excuses, to which he said all the problems were sorted out.

Meanwhile, the lawyers of Mugabe’s co-accused were ready for the trial.

However, the court did not take it into account, it ruled that the trial be postponed to October 2, 2018 at 8am.

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