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Diane Rwigara’s Bail Hearing Adjourned To Unknown Date


Diane Rwigara’s Bail Hearing Adjourned To Unknown Date

The trial involving Diane Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara Mukangemanyi was adjourned on Monday after the duo rejected a judge on the panel of judges who were going to deliberate on whether to granting them bail or not.

The family faces criminal charges.

Diane Rwigara is accused of faking the registration papers for the election and public insurrection.

Her mother, Adeline Rwigara is also facing charges of inciting insurrection and promoting sectarianism.

In court, they were accompanied by their lawyers ready to hear the decision on their bid.

However, they rejected a judge who they claim had ruled against their initial request in a prior hearing.

The court explained that Diane Rwigara and her mother’s letter for bail was submitted to the court late on Friday after official working hours and thus the court did not have the chance to examine their matter.

The panel immediately called off the proceedings to examine the rejection, analyze it and reach a resolution.

After this, the date for the next hearing will be announced.

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