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UNAMID To Reduce Troops In Central Darfur


UNAMID To Reduce Troops In Central Darfur

Rwandan troops may start returning home from their Peace Mission in the Western region of Sudan.

The hybrid peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) announced it will cut its presence in the state in October.

Governor of Central Darfur State Mohamed Ahmed Jad al-Sid said the UNAMID representative in Central Darfur has vowed to cut presence of the Mission in Nirtiti and Mukjar localities in October.

This pledge is the result from a recent meeting between the government of Central Darfur and the Mission.

Last July, the United Nations Security Council unanimously decided to extend for one year the mandate the UNAMID and also to reduce the number of its troops in line with an exit strategy aiming to close the hybrid operation in two years.

However, the 15-member body stressed the drawdown of the mission should be based on progress against related indicators and benchmarks.

The resolution 2429 (2018), which was passed on Friday 13 July, provides to cut the troop strength of the Mission from the current 8,735 to 4,050 personnel and to maintain its police strength at the current level of 2,500 personnel.

According to the terms of the resolution, the mission will shut down its 14 sites in Darfur, except for 13 sites in the Greater Jebel Marra area and transfer its headquarters to Golo.

The decision was based on a joint report by the African Union and the United Nations recommending to close the UNAMID on 30 June 2020 and the total full withdrawal of its troops by December of the same year.

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