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7.1 Million Voters To Participate In Parliamentary Elections

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) yesterday released the final voters list of 7,172,612 Rwandans eligible to cast their votes ahead of the parliamentary elections slated for September 2-3, 2018.

NEC says voters have already registered in the 2473 polling stations around the country

Prof Kalisa Mbanda, NEC chairperson, told the Press that “7,172,612 Rwandans are eligible to cast their votes”. He further noted that an increase of 20.5% was registered compared to the 5,953,531 Rwandans who registered for the 2013 parliamentary elections.

The National Electoral Commission confirmed that online registration has closed for those living abroad, with 47 000 eligible voters.

Campaigns going forward

During the press briefing, the NEC chairman also moved a vote of thanks to the presidential candidates and their parties for the good conduct in the ongoing campaigns and urged them to continue observing the electoral law.

There are 302 parliamentary candidates all of who started campaigns on the 13th of August.

The competing political parties are; FPR, PL, Green Party, PSD, and PS Imberakuri. In the past, only three participated.

There are 11 registered political parties, some of which allied with RPF to present joint candidates as was the case in previous elections.

NEC expects 2000 observers.

The parliamentary elections are set for September 2, 2018 for the Diaspora who will vote from their embassies while voters in Rwanda will cast votes the following day.


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