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Kagame Not Happy With Poor Performance Of Local Leaders


Kagame Not Happy With Poor Performance Of Local Leaders

President Paul Kagame is disappointed again with poor performance of local leaders and said much of their failures are a result of conflicts, lack of collaboration and coordination among themselves.

The head of state said while officiating the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies which ends its 5 years term 2013-2018.

This will pave way for the forthcoming elections of new Members of Parliament due next month.

Subject to provisions of Article 79 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic is required to dissolve the Chamber of Deputies at least 30 days and not more than 60 days before the expiry of its current members’ term of office.

He also presided over the signing of 2018/19 Imihigo and awarded the top districts in recognition of their commendable performance in implementing 2017/18 Imihigo.

Kagame blamed the underperformance of districts on leaders who spend most of their time solving personal issues, busy accumulating wealth and seeking respect instead of dealing with citizens problems.

He said that in the instances where leaders didn’t talk to each other, the performance was low.

“For those who performed poorly, it’s an issue of leadership. Leaders who spend their time in unnecessary wrangles instead of fulfilling their responsibilities. Lack of communication, common understanding, and coordination results in such poor performances,” he said.

Kagame said it was not the duty of donors to help leaders to fulfill their responsibilities.

“Nobody is in charge of providing for us. We are on our own and we only have ourselves to blame. Even in our households, each member contributes their individual efforts and we only assist those unable to help themselves,” he said.

“Should we also call on donors for leaders to talk to each other and complement one another?” President Kagame asked.

He reminded leaders that they are not requested to perform beyond their capacity, insisted they should surrender their responsibilities if they can’t handle.

“Do what is possible and leave alone what is impossible,” he said, adding that if leaders cannot improve the wellbeing of the citizens, they should allow those who are capable to take over.

Kagame was also disappointed that issues that are discussed in the national dialogue come back over and over.

“We hold a national dialogue where people mention the existing problems but when we separate people return to their own businesses.”

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