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Tanzania Introduces Tough Restrictions On Citizens Working Abroad


Tanzania Introduces Tough Restrictions On Citizens Working Abroad

Tanzania government announced on Monday that it will not allow its citizens to continue falling in abusive traps of their employers abroad but denied stopping all Tanzanians from seeking jobs abroad.

Ally Mtanda, the spokesperson for the Tanzanian Immigration said the government was imposing restrictions on citizens that were leaving the country to work abroad in unskilled jobs especially home maids.

The government says it wants to tighten the screw on immigration process to protect its citizens from abuse by their employers abroad.

However, social media reports have been quickly spreading giving a different version of the restrictions.

For example some social media posts claimed that under new changes in immigration, a Tanzanian working abroad was now required to report to the embassy of the country he/she is working in to secure a permit.

In addition, one was supposed to submit a job contract for signing before returning abroad.

The same reports claim that a person working abroad, upon arrival on Tanzanian territory was obliged to report to the Home Affairs Ministry to obtain clearance and a letter from Police after paying Rwf50000 for a permit from the Employment Services Agency (Taesa).

However, Mtanda said these are mere rumours spread by people with ulterior motives. “We will have zero tolerance on those spreading the rumours”.

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