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Aspiring Driver Arrested For Attempted Bribery

Police in Rwamagana District is holding one Sultan Murwanashyaka for allegedly attempting to bribe to get a driver’s license.

Murwanashyaka allegedly tried to offer Rwf100, 000 to a police officer.

He had failed the provisional exam and attempted to reached out to the officer in charge seducing him with the bribe, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, the Eastern region Police spokesperson, said.

“The officer informed his superiors about Murwanashyaka’s criminal move, and he was arrested in the act,” he said.

The suspect is currently detained at Kigabiro Police station.

“He is not the first one to be arrested neither will he be the last. We understand there are individuals who take such criminal direction to acquire a driver’s license; they should know that there is no tolerance to corruption and there will be no mercy to whoever tries such criminal shortcuts,” CIP Kanamugire warned.

Fighting corruption is one of the priorities of Rwanda National Police both within and outside the force.

It is a high impact crime that affects service delivery, gives services to the wrong people and denies or affects those eligible,” he said, urging the general public to report anyone they suspect to be engaged in such acts.

Article 641 of the Penal Code, partly, stipulates that any person, who directly or indirectly offers a gift in order to get an illegal service shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of between five and seven years or a fine of twice to ten times the value of what they had offered in bribes or both.

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