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China Organizes Summit On “Teaching Africa to Fish”

China has insisted that it remains stuck to its policy of “teaching man to fish” to help Africa progress to another level of development.

However, the United States is concerned that China’s actions are a “quiet kind of cold war” against the United States, using all its resources to try to replace America as the leading power in the world, a top CIA expert on Asia said Friday.

“I would argue … that what they’re waging against us is fundamentally a cold war — a cold war not like we saw during The Cold War (between the U.S. and the Soviet Union) but a cold war by definition,” Michael Collins, deputy assistant director of the CIA’s East Asia mission center, said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

As Chinese President Xi Jinping combed through Africa and Arab nations this month, he announced that later in September he will host all African leaders in Beijing.

He says that a developed Africa would significantly add momentum to China’s development.

He notes that China’s development will bring more opportunities to Africa.

President Jinping who is expected in Kigali Rwanda, said while in Senegal on Saturday that  his country continues to uphold the spirit of “teaching a man to fish,” expand and deepen cooperation with Africa, and enhance its ability in independent development.

At the invitation of President Paul Kagame, Jinping will pay a state visit to Rwanda from Sunday to Monday, making him the first Chinese head of state to visit the African country.

In terms of bilateral cooperation, Kagame said the cooperation with China is not limited to the economic field, instead such cooperation has extended to health, education and many other areas.

China will continue to uphold its African policy and concept of sincerity, concrete results, affinity and good faith, uphold justice and pursue shared interests, promote the construction of a closer China-Africa community with a shared future, so as to realize win-win cooperation and common development, Xi said.


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