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‘Man Of God’ Wants To Be President In DRC

After unending street battles and daring moves by members of the Catholic Church protesting against President Joseph Kabila’s intentions to seek re-election, a clergy has announced candidature.

Cardinal Laurent Mosengwo Pasinya is slated to seek presidency in the December elections.

The Christian Dynamics for Unity and Development (DCUD) has praised the cardinal.

According to Odette Babandoa Etoa, National Secretary of DCUD political group, the DRC needs a person of integrity, competence, which gathers and reassures the Congolese.

“We are committed to a single candidate, and we believe that the candidate who can make the consensus of all political and social leaders is Cardinal Monsengwo,” said Babandoa.

She said that Cardinal Monsengwo is not a political actor who will seek to come to power to cling to it. He is a man of God. That the period of his coming to power is a period of transition to establish democracy, recognize the rebirth of the state, respect for the texts that will prepare us to access the elections in a democratic way.

The DCDU is a political group, which claims to be the fruit of prayer of the faithful Catholics, Protestants, Salvationists, Pentecostals and Evangelicals all grouped together within the official organizations of the laïcats.

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