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Ugandan Court Orders Deportation Of 8 Rwandans


Ugandan Court Orders Deportation Of 8 Rwandans

A Court in Uganda has ordered police to deport eight Rwandans who entered the East African country illegally.

The suspects were identified as  Ivariste Nayiture, Topheli Ufutimaana, Fativa Njawendorohondi, and Tohofire Nijirimaana were arrested by police on July 16, 2018 at Kagadi Bus Park.

Grade One Magistrate Court presided over by Simon Toloko in Kagadi District in Western Uganda on Thursday said the eight were found without relevant travel documents as required by Ugandan laws.

Others are Christopher Ngarukiyintwari, Elisabeth Hafashimana, Sibobugingo Amiel, and  Phocas Ntacyobitwaye

After they were paraded before the magistrate, the suspects pleaded guilty to charges of entering Uganda illegally and asked court to let them return to their home country.

However, there is a certain Jabi Yenzi Uzabarera who declined to plead guilty of the charges and said that he entered Uganda legally with all valid travel documents. The court has not announced the date for the retrial.

Towards the beginning of July, Uganda deported 72 individuals charged of illegally entering the country.

However, this decision was criticised by the ambassador of Rwanda to Uganda Frank Mugambage who said that the Rwandan embassy in the country was not informed of that situation except from hearing it in the media.

Meanwhile, in January 2018 another 72 Rwandans and 65 Congolese were deported to their home countries for having entered Uganda without relevant travel documents. At that time, the police charged 24 of them of belonging to M23 militia.


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