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Minister Busingye Fires Six Court Bailiffs

The minister for justice and Attorney General Johnston Busingye has permanently fired 6 professional court bailiffs due to ‘serious unprofessional conduct’, according to a recent ministerial order N◦136/MOJ/AG/2018 of 18/07/2018 released on Thursday.

Those dismissed include Febronie Ayinkamiye, Epimaque Mutesa, Juvénal Nyirimbibi, Alexis Mutunzi, Roger David Sebahire and Michel Muhire.

Their dismissal means that they can’t get admitted to any other profession in the Rwanda justice sector.

However, the serious unprofessional behaviours that the dismissed bailiffs committed have not been clarified but, for instance, Juvenal Nyirimbibi was arrested last month suspected of deceitful theft.

Article 46 of Law N° 12/2013 of 22/03/2013 governing the reasons for the temporary suspension or dismissal of a professional bailiff states that the reasons for a professional bailiff to be temporarily suspended or dismissed from his/her duties shall be;

1° unlawful auction of the seized property;

2° getting involved in corruption;

3° embezzling the seized property or anything offered as a payment ;

4° being sentenced to a term of imprisonment equal to or exceeding six (6) months;

5° serious professional mistakes due to misconduct;

6° accessing fraudulently to the profession of bailiff or

7° being characterized by discrimination while exercising his/her duties.

In May 2018 when Minister for Justice Johnston Busingye met with professional court bailiffs, he warned that those who abuse their duties shall inevitably face the consequences.

“There are those that abuse their duties while implementing court rulings, for those few that are still doing mistakes will end up at Mageragere… Those few that made themselves bees will face fire.” He warned, adding that unprofessional conduct damages the reputation of the bailiff.

Busingye noted that a court bailiff, who has done his job badly, has shown indecent behaviour or has done something that requires the justice to explain itself ‘mars the image of all of you, present here’.

However, he noted that someone who will be lied against while they have done their job according to the law, all institutions will support them.

There are more than 400 professional court bailiffs in Rwanda, 2627 being those that do it unprofessionally including the executive secretaries of 30 districts, 416 bailiffs at the sector’s level, 2147 at the cell’s level  while 3 are in the Justice Ministry and 1 at the Ombudsman.


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