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Night Guard Dies On Duty After Drinking Excess Beer


Night Guard Dies On Duty After Drinking Excess Beer

A security guard at Caritas-Kibuye in Bwishyura Sector, Karongi District has been found dead on duty for reportedly drinking too much beer.

It is suspected that he might have collapsed as a result of drunkenness and died on spot because beer was found dripping out of his mouth.

The executive secretary of Bwishyura Sector Fanuel Uwimana said he knew of Ntakirutimana’s death early on Tuesday by a nearby security guard who stopped by from work to see him and found him dead. He then informed other people, but authorities arrived around 7 am.

This authority said that the deceased guard was lying on his face which made them guess that he had been drunk.

“Both his nose and mouth were facing the ground; apparently because of beer because when we turned him, it started oozing from his mouth.” Uwimana said.

The late guard aged 46 lived in Bupfune village, Nyarusazi Cell, Bwishyura Sector. His body was taken to Kibuye Hospital for a post-mortem.

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