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Is It Now Rwanda’s Turn In Museveni’s Blame Games?


Is It Now Rwanda’s Turn In Museveni’s Blame Games?

Events in Uganda indicate how President Yoweri Museveni’s administration is losing control of the country’s security situation every passing day.

The disloging and arrest of former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura was seen as a clean up of the mess, but events that followed reflect the issue is deeper than an individual.

Gen. Kayihura was presented as a cause for the insecurity and the cause for the diplomatic spat between two brothery counties, Rwanda and Uganda.

Yet, the latest news is that now the cash-strapped government will be allocating UPDF “sharpshooters” to guard all the dignitaries, from MPs to ministers.

The huge amounts of taxpayer money to assure the dignitaries of their safety is a sneer to the ordinary people.

Many ask: will UPDF sharpshooters also guard the common people against kidnap for ransom, the countless victims of violent robbery, the countless girls that have suffered defilement, and so on?

These aren’t questions that the administration seem to have an answer for, as it looks more and more out of ideas.

President Museveni addressed the Uganda parliament a few weeks ago and said that with a new Police leadership, order and safety for the people would be assured.

So, now what is this thing with UPDF “sharpshooters”?

It is worrying and disturbing.

Then there are incidents like the raid on the MTN headquarters in Kampala, whereby earlier this month intelligence services forced access to the company’s servers.

The methods they used were straight from the playbook of the Amin regime, to say the least.

According to a senior official of MTN Uganda, operatives of Internal Security Organization (ISO) arrested and abducted an engineer of MTN and went with him to the company’s data center in the Mutundwe suburb.

What the ISO men then did, upon reaching the data center amounted, amounted to breaking and entering. They forced their way inside and carried off machinery.

According to MTN Uganda management, ISO could have done things legally and obtained search warrants (if they wanted information from the servers for valid reasons).

Instead the operatives of a state that describes itself as lawful resorted to daylight abductions, and breaking and entering the premises of an investor.

Another incident involved police clashes with civilians, led by Bobi Wine aka Kyadondo Member of Parliament Kyagulanyi.

These people were peacefully protesting what they deemed an unfair tax on mobile money transactions. They were met with the riot gear and truncheons of Uganda Police instead.

Uganda’s police violently and publicly dispersed its citizens who were asking questions why they were being gratuitously taxed.

But, as the distinguished Mugisha Muntu of FDC commented: if they taxed people and delivered services, that would be alright. “But they are only doing this so they can have more money for corruption and theft!”

That aside, how then were the actions of the “new police leadership” in response to the protesters any different from the old one?

Next, the propagandists of Museveni, notorious for always finding blame with other people, but never facing their own culpability, turned their sights on Kiiza Besigye.

Police arrested and tortured members of his FDC political party in eastern Uganda until the poor fellows confessed to crimes they didn’t commit, according to their leaders.

Of course in a lawful society security organs do not go around openly abducting civilians and torturing them.

Now, a senior Ugandan cop, CP Wilfred Okello Marmoton, on Tuesday died on plane while travelling from USA to Uganda.

Observers comment Makmot died in a mysterious manner similar to the late Gen. Aronda Nyakairima who was allegedly poisoned.

However brace yourself for whoever “the spinners” will blame his death!

A week that passes without Museveni-regime propagandists dragging Rwanda in the mud wouldn’t be a complete week.

Rwanda has taken the brunt of the Museveni intelligence services misinformation for very long.

One might not be surprised to hear that Okoth Ochola is somehow linked to Rwanda, since CP Makmot has died in the time of Ochola!  

The unraveling situation in Kampala and elsewhere in Uganda only is further evidence of the slow unraveling of the administration.

The head of state and others down the chain of command must be accountable to the people.

But the long-suffering citizens of Uganda do not see an accountable government when they listen to President Museveni speak.

They only hear false promised, decade after decade, plus the endless blame games.

First it was Idi Amin and Milton Obote. Then when that excuse expired, it was Sudan. And Omar Bashir! Now it is Rwanda’s turn!

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