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Rwanda Army Doesn’t Start Wars But Fights And Finishes Them – Kagame


Rwanda Army Doesn’t Start Wars But Fights And Finishes Them – Kagame

The Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) do not start wars with anyone but are highly trained and always prepared to fight  and conclude these wars for those that start them- President Paul Kagame said while commissioning new officer Cadets.

A total of 180 Officer Cadets have successfully completed training at the Rwanda Military Academy, Gako. The commissioning ceremony was also graced by their families.

In his remarks at the commissioning ceremony, President Kagame congratulated the Officer Cadets for successfully completing this training. “All of those who join RDF are trained to face the challenges of the times we are in, including unexpected ones,” he said.

The President added that the Rwandan army is trained not for war but to fight a war that has been waged against them.

“RDF is trained and prepared to fight wars but not to start them with others. But if others make us their problem and choose to start a war with us, that is when we use judgement, determination and training to fight and finish it for them.”

He noted that the Army also engages in development activities of the country apart from being prepared to secure the country both home and abroad.

In case of peaceful times these military officers can as well complete their service up to retirement without ever going to war.

“You are given the training and knowledge to protect the sovereignty of our nation, to fight wars and keep Rwandans safe. It is an important responsibility.”

Kagame further said that serving in the Military is a good thing that they should be proud of; “The profession you have chosen is a great one. One you should be proud of. You can build your country and yourself the way the country and you deserve.”

He thanked their families for supporting their children into considering to serve in the Army; “I thank the families and friends who have supported you to take this path that only a few choose to take.”

Parade of the 180 new officer Cadets during a Commissioning ceremony at the Rwanda Military Academy in Gako


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