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Know A Rwandan Tech Start-Up Saving Families From Shoping Hassles


Know A Rwandan Tech Start-Up Saving Families From Shoping Hassles

Kigali consumers hassle to put food on their table, mainly due to hectic supply chains.

A survey conducted by a local food supplier indicated that the majority (66%) of urban consumers would like to cook their own meals but they do not have the time to go grocery shopping.

That is how a startup called was born. is a fresh food subscription and distribution platform that shortens the supply chain and guaranties.

A “FROM FARM TO FORK” model for urban consumers. “We have a mission to facilitate win-win deals between urban consumers and farmers,” says one of the founders Roxanne Mudenge, a young budding entrepreneur in Kigali. “That is why our prices are transparent and fair.”

You simply visit their website “” and make a selection of different produce that “we can deliver to their homes.”

You add to basket all items they need to buy and check out. You can edit the quantities and update your basket.

You then enter only your phone numbers, agree to their terms and regulations and press the order button.

“It is supper simple because it is only two pages and unlike other online stores, we do not collect their names, emails, password, locations and such data on our platform. We understand they do not have time, so no need to add to their busy schedules,” Mudenge says.

The company started this year, 2018. “So far, we have been able to deliver locally sourced fresh foods to more than 60 homes in Kigali, and our customers were generally thrilled by the idea,” she says.

“It saves time because they can send good stuffs home and keep working, our products are hand-picked. We measure them from the supplier’s home to ensure that they get the right quantity. Our food artisans are the best at handling fresh produce and most importantly, it is cost-effective,” adds Mudenge.

Currently the company is working with a dozen of farmers for some specific products and keeps increasing its farmers’ database. “Very soon foods will get from farms straight to your kitchens.”

“We encourage the Kigali working ladies and gentlemen to visit to not test us but taste us because it works,” she says.

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