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France vs Belgium Is World Cup Final For Francophone Africa


France vs Belgium Is World Cup Final For Francophone Africa

France vs Belgium @ 21:00hrs

Venue: St. Petersburg Stadium

Since 1990, all the teams who beat Brazil in the World Cup ended up reaching the Final. Lets see what tonight brings.

It is France vs Belgium tonight and the referee Andres Cunha from Uruguay is the man to determine when then final whistle will blow off to end the game at the Saint Petersburg Stadium.

On 21 May 1904, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was founded twenty days after the first official international match in Brussels between France and Belgium.

Tonight 114 years later, they face each other in Russia at the FIFA World Cup and billions of football fans are going to be watching from across all continents.

France will play against Belgium for the 74th time (W24 D19 L30), at least 35 times more than against any other team.

In Africa where France has strong ties moreover with the recent visit by President Emmanuel Macron in western Africa, the enthusiasm is so high.

He told Nigerians that since the super Eagles were out of the world cup they should support France.

Belgium’s five consecutive victories at Russia 2018 constitute a new record for successive wins for the Red Devils at the tournament.

Being their former colonial master, Belgium still maintains strong ties to Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the game tonight will definitely ignite adrenaline rush among fans in this part of the world.

Although Rwanda is a former Belgium colony, France had deeper interference and influence – the two countries have a lot of thorny issues to fix but not tonight.

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