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University Student Produces Oil, Soap, Wine From Avocado

Avocados could be the next money making opportunity in Rwanda following a breakthrough invention by Niyidukunda Mugeni Euphrosine a Univeristy student that has managed to make cooking oil from these abundant fruits.

The student is now scheming on extra plans to produce wine and juice from avocados. She is conducting her activities from Huye district in the Southern Province.

According to Mugeni, she and her colleagues noticed recurrent bumper harvests of avocados in her neighbourhood and entire district.

The avocados seemingly grow on their own due to dispersed seeds while others are carefully planted.

“We were puzzled by the high yields of Avocados in our neighbourhood then we thought of how we could add value to these fruits and probably make products with longer shelf life,” she said that much of the avocados were only consumed in their raw state.

From the Avocado oil produced, Mugeni says it has several nutrients that could facilitate the human body in improving immune systems, fight off hepatitis, certain cancers and several other diseases.

While explaining how she processes Oil from Avocados, Mugeni said, she has a machine in which ripe avocado is filled and helps in evaporating all water content.

The remaining contents are placed in another chamber that squeezes oil out of it.

The oil squeezed out of the avocado is then used in processing other products including soap that has high medicinal value especially clearing the skin of acne, ringworms and several skin irritations.

“Several people that have used our products actually like them so much”, Mugeni says.

The avocado oil is rich in potassium and has no cholesterol like several other oils on the market.

Most avocados in Nyanza district have been fed to livestock but Mugeni says their processing plant will offer new market to farmers.

Mugeni is now planning to expand her innovation and begin producing wine and juice from Avocados.

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