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King Faisal Hospital Doctors Separate Co-joined Twins, One Dies After

A girl has passed on after a team of doctors at King Faisal Hospital attempted to separate her from the twin sister with whom they were born conjoined onto the stomach area of their bodies.

Towards the beginning of December last year, Anasthasie Kanakuze from Huye District gave birth to twins with an attached abdomen.

But because one of them had a deadly illness, their mother desperately needed help. So, she brought them to the hospital for surgery. King Faisal Hospital has separated the two conjoined twins after which the sick twin died.

The 30-year-old mother who lives in Matunda Cell, Mbazi Sector gave birth at Centre Hospiatalier Universitaire de Butare (CHUB) on December 1 2017. The twins were the children that she bore for the second time.

The twins at CHUB had been in good condition until recently when one of them developed respiratory complications and was transferred to King Faisal Hospital.

Doctor Emmanuel Nkusi from King Faisal Hospital said that her condition grew so serious that the hospital had to put her under respiratory aids.

However, despite being under intense medical care, the new-born died.

On Monday 29th June 2018, a team of three nurses including a child life specialist in surgery, as well as specialists of wound and heart surgery resorted to an operation because if they did not, the other baby would also die.

“Separating them took place on Monday and was successful. We were able to save one life. Normally such an operation entails that they reach the age when they can be separated to their own discretion so that they can be able to cope with that change,” Doctor Nkusi from King Faisal Hospital said.

Meanwhile, in March 2018, CHUB had announced that there was an arrangement to take these babies to another hospital abroad for an operation the previous month, but there has not been any response.




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