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Skol Sending Rwandan Cyclists To Train In Europe


Skol Sending Rwandan Cyclists To Train In Europe

Cycling in Rwanda is destined for growth as a sizeable number of athletes will begin undergoing sophisticated training in Belgium.

Skol Brewery in Rwanda is behind this initiative that seeks to identify talented young cyclists and molding them into professionals through early exposure to Europe’s best training circuits.

“We are bringing Rwanda’s most talented young cyclists to Belgium to expose them to new racing conditions and give them early experience to make the transition to professional racing better,” said Jordan Mathes, Head Coach – Fly Cycling Club.

The racing conditions in Europe are completely new. The Rwandan cyclists will have a chance to race against the top junior teams from all over the world. They will be there for one month engaging in 11 races with six of Rwanda’s top riders aged below 18years.

Mathes told Taarifa that the Belgium part is a good location for racing. Rwanda keeps moving forward faster in every sector. It just came up as a crazy idea and big dream sometimes it is crazy enough to just follow up and pursue it.

“We thought why not take six juniors under 18 to Belgium and see what they can do? We learn from our mistakes and see what needs to happen in future to keep moving,” he said, adding that the inspiration is setting the bar high and setting the target high and going for it.

Rwanda is the first country this initiative is being conducted although it may later on spread to other countries in Africa.

Since 2010, Skol immersed itself into Sports in Rwanda. For example the company decided to support a Rwandan Cycling Club called “Fly Cycling Club”, as a way of giving back to the society.

This club aims at professionalizing amateur cyclists and making them participate in national, regional and international competitions.

By 2020, Skol targets to have production capacity of close to 500,000 hectolitres per year

Skol Brewery company in Rwanda is a subsidiary of Belgium-based Unibra, currently commands about 14 per cent of the market share,


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