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Bye Bye Kigali Central Prison


Bye Bye Kigali Central Prison

Hundreds of thousands will forever remain with emotional attachment and memories to Kigali Central Prison but its existence has ceased to be.

“The 1930 prison, also known as “PCK” Prison centrale de Kigali, has today ceased to be a prison,” Rwanda Correctional services announced Sunday.

RCS also said that on Sunday night 607 Female inmates will be relocated to new Nyarugenge Prison at Mageragere Sector.

Since February 2017, RCS started relocating 3,000 male inmates from “1930” Prison from the city centre to a new facility outside the Central Business District.

In the ambitious City master plan, four premises including; Prison centrale de Kigali, Sainte Famille Catholic Church, and Matheus Commercial Centre were gazetted as heritage sites.

The city authorities said in January that development works on the massive land on which the prison sat will begin immediately after the place is free.

607 Female inmates are being relocated to new Nyarugenge Prison at Mageragere Sector

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