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Kagame Wants To Meet Team That Built Volkswagen App


Kagame Wants To Meet Team That Built Volkswagen App

Four high school Rwandan friends graduated and off they went to pursue life of adventures.

A day came and something ‘awesome’ happened.

It all started with attending a six months fellowship program organized by a Rwandan tech firm, HEHE Labs in 2015.

At Hehe Lab, the four learnt how to build apps and web platforms. After the program they had two different startups, which were QuickRide, Ijisho, working in the same space.

But after sometime they decided to merge and work together and build up their own startup.

Right now, they are a team of 11 people looking forward to expanding up to 30 people.

Their vision is to solve daily problems through technology by providing to every Rwandan who owns a smartphone, simple and practical Mobile apps that will assist them solve their daily common challenges; with the aim to be a leading Web and Mobile Apps provider in Rwanda 2022.

Their company is called Awesomity Lab, a software development company based in Kigali, Rwanda, founded two years ago. The name Awesomity stands for ‘AWESOMe creativITY.’

For some reason, what has transpired over the past few months is indeed awesome.

The start-up now has over eight clients, two of which are global companies including Volkswagen.

The German carmaker is going to run its first and only global innovative product in Rwanda, the Mobility Solution, which will facilitate the firm’s assembly plant located in Kigali.

But that was not the only awesomeness befalling the young brains.

While launching Volkswagen’s plant, President Kagame spoke candidly how he was impressed by the abilities manifested in this young team and invited them to meet.

“It is great to be introduced to you or the other way around,” he said.

The team that was all present at the launch couldn’t hide their delight.

Later, they said in a tweet that, “Pleasure being introduced to HE @PaulKagame. We are honoured to be part of the Africa Transformation and are looking forward to build more made in Rwanda innovative solutions.”

The President said that, “We want to encourage our young people and many more to be behind the kinds of innovations that will work for the many industries that will be developed here.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adam

    June 29, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    “These people are amazing unlike other organizations, I don’t know why; I think it is because they are all dudes. Youth is power” – Adam


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