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Clare Akamanzi Not Single Anymore


Clare Akamanzi Not Single Anymore

Dr. Clare Akamanzi is not single anymore. She has been taken by a handsome tall man known as Alex Ndibwami a lecturer at Uganda Matyrs University.

At a humble traditional wedding ceremony on Saturday, after successfully delivering bride price and dowry, Mr Ndibwami knelt down and slid a ring onto AKamanzi’s finger vowing to love her until death does them apart.

Akamanzi is the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board charged with facilitating private sector led development through increased investments and exports, among others.

Although this is an important chapter in her life, Akamanzi did not mention about it on social media despite being an active personality on social media platforms.

Congratulations to you Mrs. Dr. Ndibwami Akamanzi Clare.


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