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U$ Dollar Continues To Squeeze Rwandan Currency


U$ Dollar Continues To Squeeze Rwandan Currency

As of Tuesday, June 19th, Rwanda Central Bank has released new exchange rates indicating performance of local currency against other foreign currencies.

The most sought after foreign currencies on the local market include the US dollar, the Pound sterling, Kenya shilling, the Euro and Uganda shilling. These are the currencies of Rwanda’s major trading partners.

According to the latest figures, the U$ is being bought at Rwf850 and sold at Rwf867.1

Meanwhile the Euro is being bought at Rwf 988.2 and sold at Rwf1008.

The Pound Sterling is buying at Rwf 1127 and selling at Rwf 1149.7

For the Kenyan shilling clients will buy it at Rwf 8.4 and sell it at Rwf8.57.

Uganda a major trading partner for Rwanda, clients will buy the shilling at Rwf0.220 and sell at Rwf 0.225.

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