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Rwandan Youths Planning A National Campaign Against Desertification


Rwandan Youths Planning A National Campaign Against Desertification

Hundreds of Rwandan youth are expected to run a week-long campaign against desertification across the country.

The Green Fighter, a youth non-profit organisation that advocates for a better environment for the community, is organizing the national week of desertification beginning this Wednesday of 20 June, 2018.

This week will bring together pupils from public schools in Kigali, student from secondary schools in Kigali, higher academic institution in Kigali, private agencies in the domain of environment, local administration and the government institutions.

It will be dedicated in introducing the future generation of the country in affronting desertification and land degradation neutrality in Rwanda.

The desertification week aims in increasing the youth contribution in the fight for a better environment and the sustainable protection of the ecosystem, says Ineza Umuhoza Grace, Founder and Legal representative of the Green Fighter.

She said in a press statement that pupils from public schools in Kigali city will receive a one hour training designed in order to eradicate the environmental knowledge gap that exists within the younger generation.

A debate will also be organized on the theme: “Land is has true value, urban vs. rural perceptive” in order to emphasize the acquisition of the knowledge regarding the desertification and the advocacy on the government level on the role the youth can play in achieving a sustainable environment and increasing the community resilience on the climate change issue.

“The originality of this desertification week lies in the fact that it is the first one to be organized in Rwanda; this will promote the understanding, share of knowledge and skills in the urban area and later be introduced in the rural community in Rwanda,” she said.

Under the auspice of the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification, University of Rwanda, REMA the desertification week will be launched in the College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda Nyarugenge campus.

The world theme of the WDCD is “Land has true value invest in it.” And the theme of the week as organized by The Green Fighter is “Future generation steps in affronting desertification and land degradation neutrality in Rwanda.”

“We take this opportunity to thank the University of Rwanda and the District of Nyarugenge who supported us in each of the activities organized by the organization,” Ineza Umuhoza said.”Let us join hands in the fight for a better, stable and protected environment in our community.”

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