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High Number Of Street Children Comes From Southern Province


High Number Of Street Children Comes From Southern Province

Rwanda’s Southern province has a high prevalence of street children than any other region in the country, the National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) has revealed.

According to the coordinator of NRS Bosenibamwe Aimé, despite presence of children loitering streets across the country , the southern province ranks top.

He said that of the 15000 children rehabilitated across the country, 4500 alone were from the southern province.

Street children hailing from the southern province largely blame their fate on disputes within their families which force them to flee and fend for survival on the streets.

Bosenibamwe also says that some of these children from southern province have no parents and life gets tough thus leading them onto the streets to beg.

However, Minister Francis Kaboneka of Local Government said that there are many cases of child labour across the country which have greatly contributed to abuse of children.

Kaboneka urged citizens across the country to report such incidences wherever they come across them.

Minister Kaboneka and Bosenibamwe were speaking at a consultative meeting in Huye district with target of scaling up development of the Southern Province.

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