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Apple Inc To Change iPhone Settings

On Wednesday Apple Inc announced it will change its iPhone settings to prevent law enforcement from easily breaking into the devices.

Apple said it will change default settings in the iPhone operating system to cut off communication through the USB port when the phone has not been unlocked in the past hour.

The USB port is how machines made by forensic companies GrayShift, Cellebrite and others connect and get around the security provisions that limit how many password guesses can be made before the device freezes them out or erases data.

Now they will be unable to run code on the devices after the hour is up.

Apple is aiming to protect all customers, especially in countries where phones are readily obtained by police or by criminals with extensive resources, and to head off further spread of the attack technique.

These forensic companies have marketed their machines to law enforcement in multiple countries this year, offering the machines themselves for thousands of dollars but also per-phone pricing as low as $50.

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