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Controversy Arises Over Death Of Suspected Thief

Police in the Eastern province has denied allegations by a widow in Nyagatare district, Karama sector district who says that Karama Police Station chief commander Vianney Nsabimana killed her husband Evariste Ndereyimana in Karama sector in the night on June 6th.

However, the victim’s wife told Makuruki that her husband was killed. He said that someone she identified as Karama Sector Police Station Chief Commander, Vianney Nsabimana came in the night and knocked on the door.

He requested Ndereyimana-the victim- to open up and he told him that there are people who had stolen cement from his mother. And he immediately went with him to see what had happened.

After a while, this woman said that he started to suspect that her husband would be going in trouble because of the time that he was woken and she decided to follow them.

The woman accounts that Ndereyimana and Nsabimana arrived at his mother’s house and they knocked. The mother was suspicious for a while and asked them who they were.

However, when she heard the voice of her own child, she opened but she did not take long because she went back to bed.

After a while, she heard her son shouting once and he collapsed dead. The victim’s wife said that she also arrived immediately. The police commander told her that her husband had died. He then asked her whether the victim suffered from epilepsy.

“Madam, your husband has just died. Has he been suffering from epilepsy?’ He asked me at which I answered him. ‘No’, the woman narrated.

She says that this police commander took him into the car and drove to the hospital. According to the victim’s wife, the commander even lied to other people who had come to see what had happened that she had told him that her husband suffered from epilepsy.

However, the wife of the victim says that autopsy revealed that he collapsed in shackles.

Meanwhile, Chief Inspector of Police Theobald Kanamugire the Police Spokesperson in the Eastern Province said that Ndereyimana had committed robbery and he denied allegations that the victim was killed but that he succumbed to epilepsy.

“He was suspected of having stolen thirteen sacks of cement from a school known as Akintuntu in Karama sector, Gikundamvura cell. Police officers went to his home and found the stolen sacks in his house. So, someone who had stolen ought to be held in shackles and then the police took him to the hospital. But even his parents admitted that he suffered from epilepsy and autopsy shows that no one even pinched him.” Kanamugire said.

Asked about what the victim’s wife alleged that police came to kidnap her husband in the night and went with him at his grandmother’s, Kanamugire said that it is not true.

“She is lying. What would they be going to do at his mother’s? They came to arrest him knowing that he had committed robbery.”

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