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Do You Think You Are Living A Happy Life?

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Whether you drive a Volkswagen or you drive a Bentley, the road remains the same isn’t it?
Whether you speak on a Samsung or you speak on an I-phone X, whoever your calling remains the same isn’t it?

Whether you are flying economy or your flying business, the destination where you are heading remains the same isn’t it?

Whether you are wearing a simple fast track or you wear omega or a Rolex, the time remains the same isn’t it?

It is quite amazing how we work ourselves up so much with increasing the standard of living that we forget to increase the standard of our life, which is why wherever I travel, I make an appeal to people; there is nothing wrong with an Omega watch, there is nothing wrong with Bentley; God bless you with that, and if you have it drive it, no problem.

But in trying to increase and enhance and improve the standard of living, please, please don’t compromise the standard of your life.

It is not the standard of living that makes you happy. It is the standard of your life that makes you happy, and very often we forget to give attention to it, we forget to give attention to those things that can truly make us happy, which is why I always say things that I am talking about have utility value right? Not happiness value.

Travel business class or first class, travel no problem drive a Bentley no problem, but in doing so never compromise on those principles that also improve standard of your life.

And therefore, I always say some people are so poor, so poor, so absolutely poor that all they have is money. That’s all they have.

I consider that life a poverty stricken life if all you have is money. You are the poorest person in the world, because there is more to life than money, and there are way more to life than money can buy.

And therefore I many times say, if you truly want to know how rich you are, drop a tear and see how many come to wipe that tear. Ladies and gentlemen, our happiness, our increased standard of life is not in things, it’s in people. It’s in relationships.
It is meaningful, heartfelt deep bonding of love.

It’s those meaningful exchanges of love that we share with each other in relationships that bring true joy to the heart.
And isn’t it the greatest irony, that something that brings the greatest fulfillment, we very conveniently neglect it in just running after increasing and enhancing our standards of living.

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