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Livestock Movements Blocked Over Rift Valley Fever


Livestock Movements Blocked Over Rift Valley Fever

Three districts of Kayonza, Ngoma and Kirehe have been placed under close monitoring following an outbreak of the deadly Rift Valley fever disease.

Livestock in these districts are under quarantine and thus not allowed to be moved to other places.

The Agriculture Ministry has urged all herders across the country to immediately report any suspected cases of livestock including; goats,cattle and sheep that show signs and symptoms.

Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana said, “all movements of livestock in these districts are not allowed to be moved for purposes of slaughter, sell or herding.”

She said tests conducted by the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) laboratory have confirmed positive the rift valley fever disease.

Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a viral zoonosis that primarily affects animals but also has the capacity to infect humans.

The virus was first identified in 1931 during an investigation into an epidemic among sheep on a farm in the Rift Valley of Kenya.

Majority of human infections result from direct or indirect contact with the blood or organs of infected animals.

The virus can be transmitted to humans through the handling of animal tissue during slaughtering or butchering, assisting with animal births, conducting veterinary procedures, or from the disposal of carcasses or fetuses.



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