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Bride Survives Death After Brother Cuts Her With Machette


Bride Survives Death After Brother Cuts Her With Machette

Rwanda Investigations Bureau is holding a man identified as Bimenyimana Joseph in connection with inflicting severe bodily harm to his sister.

On Tuesday, while at their home in Coko sector, Gakenke district, an angry Bimenyimana grabbed a machete and cut his sister Mujawamaliya Anathalie over money dispute.

Mujawamaliya has been preparing to introduce her fiancée and her mother had managed to mobilise Rwf119,000 that was to be used in funding the give-away traditional ceremony.

Their mother had been keeping this money in the house but Bimenyimana stole it and deposited it on his mobile phone account.

However, their mother noticed that this money had gone missing and told her daughters who also launched an intensive search.  The sisters including Mujawamaliya learnt that their brother Bimenyimana had deposited in on his cell phone.

They managed to get the phone from him and withdrew all the money from his electronic account and handed it back to their mother.

On learning that the money had been removed from his account, Bimenyimana got very angry and returned home, grabbed a machete and attacked Mujawamaliya leaving her with deep wounds.

Mujawamaliya was later rushed to Ruli health centre while Bimenyimana was arrested and immediately detained at the RIB station at nearby Rushashi.

Meanwhile, Ndacyayisenga The Executive Secretary of Coko sector told media that Bimenyimana had been undisciplined.



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