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Inkuru-Nziza Church Fires Spokesperson In Leaked Masturbation Video

A local church known as Inkuru Nziza, has forced its spokesperson to resign following a video that leaked in 2017 showing their chief publicist engaged in an act of masterbation.

According to IGIHE, Ngaboyisonga Théoneste, is no longer serving as the spokesperson of the church.

The leaked video is said to have caused a deep rift within the church which has been questioning Ngaboyisonga’s immoral behaviour.

During a General Assembly convened by the Church’s leadership on June 1 – 2nd, it was unanimously decided and agreed that Ngaboyisonga be relieved of his duties and immediately replaced by his assistant pastor Ngendahayo Juvenal.

However, Ngaboyisonga did not take part in the General Assembly yet according to the church’s rules, he is supposed to chair the General Assembly.

Ngendahayo was quoted saying that his boss did not attend the meeting because he was sick.

“He delegated me to chair the meeting and told me to conduct it in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Church,” Ngendahayo said.

Ngendahayo said that 54 members in the General Assembly voted to remove Ngaboyisonga from his responsibilities. The quorum for the Inkuru Nziza Church Assembly is usually 57.

Inkuru Nziza church is said to be losing grip of its followers due to the stain caused by the controversial video.

Inkuru Nziza Church

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